Key Documents for understanding the new Saudi ‘aid plan’ for Yemen

The Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations plan – announced 22nd January 2018, just 2 days after the UN’s Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen – seeks to divert even more supplies away from the country’s main ports of Hodeidah and Saleef, in order to monopolise control of aid in coalition hands and continue starving the population into submission. These documents are crucial reading to understanding what is happening:

  1. International Rescue Committee: “Yemen: Saudi ‘aid’ plan is war tactic“, 22nd Feb 2018
  2. IRIN news agency: “Yemen PR wars: Saudi Arabia employs UK/US firms to push multi-billion dollar aid plan“, 6th Feb 2018
  3. The Guardian: “A cynical PR exercise: critics round on $3.5bn plan to allay Yemen suffering”, 1st March 2018

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